Compounding is the art and science of formulating customized medications. Our Compounding Services are only prepared by licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable pharmacists. Our compounding methods at Good Health Pharmacy are guaranteed safe and effective for our young or older customers, serving a wide range of medicinal needs.

Compounding is for you if you fall in one of more of the following situations:

I find it hard to take my medications yet I have to take them for my own good. How can compounding help me?

We can modify your hard-to-take prescriptions and structure them in alternative medication forms such as:

  • Capsules
  • Oral liquid
  • Troches or lollipops

I do not like the taste of my medications. Can I ask the pharmacists to change the flavor?

You most certainly can. Compounding also enables us to modify the flavor of your medications according to your taste. Just specify what flavor you want and we will apply it to your medication.

Help! My doctor requires me to take a definite strength of a medication that is not available in tablet or liquid form in any pharmaceutical stores.

The best thing about Compounding is that we can alter your medications according to your needs. If you require a specific amount or strength in your prescriptions and it is not available in any other stores, we will gladly customize them.


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